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Seen at 11pm: New Beauty Tools in the War on Gravity
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New York - WABC
October 16, 2005

When it comes to the passage of time, gravity can be our number one enemy, causing sagging and bagging all over our body. But there are a couple new weapons that claim to help you fight back against the ravages of time. Sade Baderinwa has the story. Tammy Perez: "I need to be more toned so I am looking for something that joins my workout as well."

Tammy Perez is a mother of two who's looking for a little extra help in her fight against flab. She says she's found it at the smooth synergy spa.

Beth Parker: "Basically what it does it is an electrical stimulator. It stimulates the muscles and skin in the body to produce more collagen and elastin and gives you more of a youthful appearance."

It's the diamond waveform therapy machine. The device sends electrical currents through these wires to pads which conduct the jolts to the muscles.

Tammy: "It makes the muscle develop. It gives it a little bit of a head start."

The machine claims to work several ways: For body contouring: by melting the fat away. For muscle tone, by tightening and releasing the muscles. And for the face by lifting facial muscles and increasing collagen production.

For those who like to "do it yourself," The Wellbox may be for you. It's a device so new it's only been available in this country a week. It works on the same principle as endomologie.

Sara Von Fleet, Wellbox: "Endomologie has been the gold standard in anti-cellutlite treatment for the last 20 years, so it is extremely effective in treating cellulite."

You can use it to work on the body, to fight cellulite, or the face to tighten and lift. Just attach one of the five heads to the hose and let it go to work. Its makers say that with suction and rollers you are mobilizing tissue that breaks up trapped fat. For the face, those treatment heads have suction and lifting which helps stimulate collagen naturally.

Its maker claims six minutes on your legs and nine minutes on your face three times a week is all it takes.

You can buy it at high end spas, like Synergy Spa, or Bergdorf Goodman and bring it home.

Still, physicians recommend if you're getting any treatment without a medical professional's supervision be cautious.

Dr Ariel Ostad: "Always ask questions: Long term study results, maintaining long term safety, long term effectiveness and who is doing procedure."

Asking the right questions can you make you feel better about the science behind looking good.

(Copyright 2005 WABC-TV)

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